The DM Trust supports the self-regulation of data driven marketing and industry compliance with legal instruments and codes of practice.

The promotion of best practice across the data driven marketing business is regarded by the Trust as vital to the future of the whole business.

We fund projects which contribute to compliance and enhance the reputation of data driven marketing providing a well governed environment for customers to do business by direct channels.

  • Compliance with the law governing data driven marketing and with industry best practice should be a priority for businesses in the sector. The DM Trust recognises the role of self-regulation in improving consumer confidence and ensuring that legislation is only necessary as a back stop.
  • The DM Trust recognises that the promotion of compliance with the law and codes of practice needs to be accessible to all. Projects which ensure that legal and best practice advice is available to all companies involved in data driven marketing would be considered; SMEs, in particular, often lack this guidance.
  • Organisations which promote best practice may wish to seek funding from the DM Trust for development projects which would make compliance easier; improve access to industry suppression files; provide training for compliance officers or provide solutions to common compliance problems.
  • It is important that organisations within the sector which comply, can demonstrate that they adhere to best practice. The DM Trust may consider funding the development of certification schemes which will allow businesses to demonstrate that they are committed to good governance.