Consumer Grants Fund Guidance Notes

Consumer Grants Fund Guidance Notes

The DM Trust has been established to generate benefit for the whole of the data driven marketing industry. The main function of the Trust is to raise and distribute funds in support of projects and activities which will contribute to the future growth and governance of the data driven marketing sector.


Eligibility to apply for funding

Applications will be accepted from organisations and groups of individuals. To be successful, projects need to concern data driven marketing techniques, help provide insight into the impact of data driven marketing or contribute to the governance of the sector.

For further information, a list of exclusions from funding eligibility is at Annex A.


How much funding can be requested?

There is no limit to how much an applicant can request, however, the Trust suggests that applicants seeking funding of larger amounts should always be able to show evidence of match funding for their project.


How will the applications be assessed?

The DM Trust will assess bids for funds four times per year.

The following factors will be among those taken into account when applications are assessed:

• Does the bid demonstrate real benefit to the future growth/stability of the data driven marketing marketplace?

• Does it increase insight into data driven marketing effectiveness (either overall or for a specific channel)?

• Are the funds required matched by external contribution (from Commerce; Government grants; trade associations or other trusts)?

• Are there clear milestones and a full action plan to deliver project outcomes?

• Does the proposal contribute to the strength of self-regulation in data driven marketing?

• Do the outcomes provide evidence of the real contribution to the economy from data driven marketing?


Application and award process

• Applications will only be considered if they are submitted using the application form.

• Applications which are incomplete will not be considered.

• The decisions of the DM Trust regarding whether to award funds will be final.

• Applicants will be notified whether they have been successful within 14 days of the Trust’s decision.

• General feedback on the decisions made will be published but individual feedback will not be available.

• Funding will be subject to the applicant organisation signing a Grant Agreement outlining what the funds may be used for.

• After the completed Grant Agreement has been returned the funding will be transferred by BACS.

• The DM Trust may decide that funds will be released over the period of a project.

• The DM Trust will publicise the successful applicants, the nature of the project and the amount of funds made available.

• Successful applicants may undertake their own publicity about the grant.


Reports to the DM Trust

Successful applicants for funds will be required to complete a report of project progress.



Annex A

This list is intended to provide prospective applicants with information about projects/expenses that are not regarded by the DM Trust as appropriate for funding.

• Contribution to the commercial success of individual organisations or groups of companies.

• Contribution to organisational overheads or direct employment costs.

• Payment of consultancy fees to benefit individual organisations.

• Contribution to travel expenses except as outlined in a project plan.

• Entertainment expenses.

• Direct grants by the applicant to other organisations.

• Advertising or marketing expenses connected with the project.