Application Process

Application Process



The DM Trust supports activities that generate opportunities in the data driven marketing industry for those who might otherwise face barriers to entering the profession and supports initiatives that will improve standards through training.

Our grants and bursaries will support educational initiatives focusing on developing data driven marketing skills, both online and offline, and give students and others practical skills.

The DM Trust also supports apprenticeships, the DMA Talent programme designed to place bright students into (data driven) marketing jobs, and perks for the brightest and best students, including the coveted Summer School for outstanding students.

See here for information on The Derek Holder Legacy Fund

Responsible Marketing

The DM Trust Supports responsible marketing. We encourage companies using data driven marketing techniques to uphold industry codes of practice. We are concerned that the impact of data driven marketing should be a positive one. To that end, we fund projects which benefit the consumer, especially those that provide increased protection for vulnerable consumers.

Please find application for funding from the Consumer Grants Fund here, and the Guidance Notes here. If you have any question please email us.

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